Wolf Creek Kennel

About Me

 Wolf Creek Kennel is a North American Versatile Hunting Dog breeder.  For the

last eight years we have been hunting and breeding SM's.  Our focus is producing

top quality dogs which are correct to the breed standard and also from great

hunting stock. 

The Small Munsterlander is one of the newest versatile hunting breeds to gain

popularity in the United States.  While they are relatively new here in the US,

they have been around in Germany and Europe since the 13th or 14 century.  The

Small Munsterlander is bred to find, point, track and retrieve upland birds, water-

fowl and fur bearing animals.  In general they are highly intelligent and capable

dogs.  They have very good noses and are excellent in water.  They  will naturally

point, track and retrieve game (on land or water).  They make very good family

members and house dogs and are very good with children.  Their low-keyed

temperment makes them an ideal candidate for a house dog.  The SM is a very

personable dog and will make a great addition to any loving hunting home.


For more information about available puppies and dogs, please contact us at:

 Wolf Creek Kennels

Attn:  Garry Payton

1696 CR 700 North

Gays, IL  61928